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Think Rugs - 2022-23 Brochure **New**

Think Rugs - 2022-23 Brochure **New**

View the latest 2022 Think Rugs Brochure showcasing the full Think Rugs range.

Just click on the front cover below!

Centrepoint Carpets are delighted to have access to the full range of Think Rugs.

Have a flick through their latest lookbook here or call or drop in to the store soon!

See below extract from the new Catalogue describing three of the many ranges available :

"Designer Ranges - The Designer Range has been developed for Think Rugs by professional designers & artists.

Each range is created using two luxurious materials, wool and viscose. The blend of these two components create a stunning product with a high density of tufting and soft finish.

Hand Knotted - Handmade by only the most skilled craftsman, the hand knotted production technique is the most time consuming method of all our ranges. Knotting is used to attach the weft to the warp which in turn creates the pile of the rug. Each rug is unique and made with care. All of our hand knotted rugs are made with 100% wool.

Hand Tufted Wool - The tufting process comprises of a tufter injecting the pile through a backing cloth from behind. Each pile is individually injected, the closer the tufts, the higher the density. Products of a higher density use a larger amount of material and are therefore more expensive. The quality of the wool is also important. All our Hand Tufted Wool ranges are made with high grade wool and have over 250,000 tufts per square metre ...."

Source : Think Rugs 2022




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