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Moderna Laminate Flooring

Moderna Laminate Flooring

Moderna Laminate Flooring is available at Centrepoint Carpets.

Moderna Laminate Flooring is a high quality laminate flooring manufactured by BHK. We have access to the following ranges through our supplier :

  • Moderna Skyline (12mm)
    • AC4 rating, 25 year warranty
  • Moderna Horizon (8mm)
    • AC4 rating, 25 year warranty

See below for the current Moderna product samples available in-store. If you'd like to find out more about the samples we've created links to the manufacturer's website where full specifications are available - just click on the range link highlighted below  :

Wood Effect Laminate

12mm Thickness

  • Moderna Skyline v4 (AC4)
    • Moderna Skyline - Windsor Oak 12mm
    • Moderna Skyline - Phoenix Oak 12mm
    • Moderna Skyline - Columbia Oak 12mm
    • Moderna Skyline - Viterbo Oak 12mm
    • Moderna Skyline - Richmond Oak 12mm
    • Moderna Skyline - Lincoln Oak 12mm
    10mm Thickness
    • Moderna Horizon v4 (AC4)
      • Moderna Horizon - Suna Oak 8mm
      • Moderna Horizon - Laro Oak 8mm
      • Moderna Horizon - Elmo Oak 8mm
      • Moderna Horizon - Kaja Oak 8mm
        Moderna Laminate is manufacturerd by BHK.



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