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Balta Broadloom

Balta Broadloom

"Balta Broadloom is one the European market leaders for tufted and woven wall-to-wall carpet, in both synthetic and wool yarn".               

At Centrepoint Carpets we are able to source a wide collection of the best Balta Broadloom carpets available including Stainsafe, Satino, Sensit, X-Tron synthetic carpets and Woolair 100% woollen carpets.

  • Stainsafe - practical and easy to clean plain and striped
    • Stainsafe - Gala & Gala Stripes
    • Stainsafe - More Noble & Stripes
    • Stainsafe - Noble Collection
    • Stainsafe - Noble Heathers
    • Stainsafe - Noble Saxony
    • Stainsafe - Saxon King
    • Stainsafe - Super Wiltax
    • Stainsafe - Traffic (Heavy Contract)
    • Stainsafe - Tynesdale Twist
    • Stainsafe - Urban Legend
  • Satino - plain saxony with silky look
    • Satino - Romantica
    • Satino - Royale
  • Sensit - plain saxony with soft and shiny
    • Stainsafe Sensit - Olympus
    • Stainsafe Sensit - Timeless
  • X-Tron - plain saxony for intensive use
    • Stainsafe X-Tron - Bellagio
    • Stainsafe X-Tron - Berber Trail
  • Woolair - 100% wool
    • Woolair - Aranmore Elite 52oz
    • Woolair - Aranmore Luxury 65oz

More from the manufacturer....

"Balta Broadloom is the European market leader for tufted and woven wall-to-wall carpet, in both synthetic and wool yarn.

The innovative and market-oriented polypropylene collections are known under three registered brands: Stainsafe, practical and easy to clean, Sensit, soft and shiny and X-Tron for intensive use.

Balta Broadloom is also known for its expertise in producing natural wool carpets under the brand Woolmaster. Balta also offers a wide collection of residential carpet tiles.

Balta is always up with the latest trends and thanks to a flexible customer service driven approach, Balta Broadloom can satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Vertical integration from raw material to finished product, LEAN manufacturing, a dedicated management and a team of dynamic, motivated professionals are your guarantee for the highest quality at the most competitive price."



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