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Axminster Carpets

Axminster Carpets

Axminster Carpets were first made in 1755 by Thomas Witty and is probably the most famous of all carpet manufacturers.

Centrepoint Carpets are proud to have access to the Axminster Carpets collections including :

Axminster Plains (4m and 5m widths)

  • Devonia Solid Plain
  • Devonia Heather Plain
  • Moorland Heather Tweed
  • Moorland Heather Twist
  • Jacob Wool Tweed
  • Jacob Wool Twist

Axminster Patterned

  • Royal Clovelly Symphony (0.91m/3",3.66m/12" and 4.57m/15" widths)
  • Royal Dartmouth (0.91m/3" and 3.66m/12" widths)
  • Salcombe (0.91m/3" and 3.66m/12" widths)

Axminster Stripes

  • Princetown (0.91m/3",3.66m/12" and 4.57m/15" widths)

Axminster Textured

  • Simply Natural (4m & 5m width)
    • Grosgrain
    • Ribgrass - Single Colour 
    • Ribgrass - Stipple 

An Axminster Carpet goes through a rigorous process to ensure it is of the highest quality. To find out more see the below video produced by Axminster.



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