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Kaindl Laminate Flooring

Kaindl Laminate Flooring

Kaindl Laminate flooring is one of the leading Laminate flooring manufacturers in Europe. To find out more about them visit

Kaindl Laminate flooring in their own words :

“Ideas make the difference: The idea behind laminate flooring from Kaindl is to redefine a room. Designs that create new identities. From play areas to large stages to quiet areas of relaxation. Surface structures that change the way a room feels. Classic or modern, sophisticated or relaxed. These are the new Kaindl laminate floors.”                                                                 source Kaindl 

At Centrepoint Carpets we have access to the following Kaindl Laminate Flooring Collections :

  • Kaindl 7mm Standard Classic Touch Loc 4v Groove (15yr) - textured surface
    • 37345 AV Oak Brione 7mm Loc 4v
    • 37871 MO Oak Oiled 7mm Loc 4v
    • 34011 AV Classic Greige 7mm Loc 4v
    • 34009 AV Oak Titanium 7mm Loc 4v
    • 37844 AT Oak Marion 7mm Loc 4v
    • 37293 AH Walnut French 7mm Loc 4v
    • 34029 AV Driftwood 7mm Loc 4v
    • 34308 AV Bianco Pearl 7mm Loc 4v
  • Kaindl 8mm Standard Classic Touch Loc 4VK Groove (30yr) - textured surface
    • 37127 AV Indiana 8mm Loc 4VK
    • 35252 AV Oak Baltic - Oak Celtic 8mm Loc 4VK
    • K4367 AV Walnut Sabo 8mm Loc 4VK
    • 35053 AV Mont Blanc 8mm Loc 4VK
    • 34073 AV Hickory Chelsea Loc 4VK
    • 37658 AH Walnut Newport Loc 4VK
  • Kaindl 8mm Premium Classic Touch Loc 4VK 30 yr - textured surfaces
    • K4377 AV Teak Walaba 8mm Premium Loc 4VK
    • K4383 AV Walnut Fresco Root 8mm Premium Loc 4VK
  • Kaindl 8mm Premium Creative Glossy
    • P80120 HG Noce Viva Premium 8mm
  • Kaindl 10mm Premium Creative Glossy - high gloss multi layer laquer
    • P80070 HG Hickory Premium 10mm
  • Kaindl 8mm Natural Touch 3 in 1 Standard - gently grained
    • K4363 RF Oak Farco Cogy 8mm 3 in1 Micro
    • K4362 RF Oak Farco Elegance 8mm 3 in 1 Micro
    • K4361 RF Oak Farco Trend 8mm 3 in 1 Micro
    • K4360 RF Oak Farco Urban 8mm 3 in 1 Micro
  • Kaindl 10mm Premium Natural Touch Loc & Fold Down 4MV - gently grained
    • K4381 RE Oak Fresco Lodge 10mm
    • K4382 RE Oak Fresco Bark 10mm
    • 37658 SN Walnut Newport 10mm
    • K4350 RS Oak Pleno 10mm
    • 34053 SZ Mont Blanc 10mm
    • K4380 SZ Hemlock Barnwood Anco 10mm
  • Kaindl 12mm Premium Classic Touch Loc & Fold Down 4MV - textured surface
    • 35991 AT Cemento 12mm
    • 34075 AV Oak Viking 12mm
    • 34077 AV Hickory Kansas 12mm
    • 34369 AT Quartz Grey 12mm
    • 37813 AV Oak French 12mm
    • 34266 AV Oak Bari 12mm

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