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Kronopol Laminate Flooring

Kronopol Laminate Flooring

Kronopol Laminate Flooring is available at Centrepoint Carpets.

Kronopol is one of the best known brands producing high quality laminate flooring at an affordable price. We have access to the Kronopol Platinum Flooring range which has a great variety of easy to maintain, scratch resistant laminates in several thicknesses to suit your needs :

  • Kronopol - King Floor (12mm)
    • AC5 rating, 30 year warranty
  • Kronopol Aroma (10mm)
    • AC5 rating, 30 year warranty
  • Kronopol Marine (10mm)
    • AC4 rating, 20 year warranty
  • Kronopol Route des Vins (10mm)
    • AC5 rating, 30 year warranty
  • Kronopol Delta (8mm)
    • AC3 rating, 10 year warranty
  • Kronopol Exclusive (8mm)
    • AC4 rating, 20 year warranty
  • Kronopol Luna (8mm)
    • AC4 rating, 20 year warranty
  • Kronopol Vision (8mm)
    • AC5 rating, 30 year warranty

See below for the current Kronopol product samples available in-store. If you'd like to find out more about the samples we've created links to our supplier's website where full specifications are available - just click on the range link highlighted below  :

Wood Effect Laminate

12mm Thickness

  • Kronopol King Floor v4 (AC5)
    • Kronopol King Floor - Celtic Oak 12mm D2594
    • Kronopol King Floor - Masala Oak 12mm D2583
    • Kronopol King Floor - Oak Dublin 12mm D2597
    • Kronopol King Floor - Porter Wood 12mm D2023

10mm Thickness

  • Kronopol Aroma v4 (AC5)
    • Kronopol Aroma - Jasmine Oak 10mm D3341
    • Kronopol Aroma - Oak Geranium 10mm D3329
    • Kronopol Aroma - Rosewood 10mm D3348
    • Kronopol Aroma - Sandalwood 10mm D3327
    • Kronopol Aroma - Vanilla Oak 10mm D3328
  • Kronopol Marine v4 (AC4)
    • Kronopol Marine - Adriatic Oak 10mm D3793
    • Kronopol Marine - Atlantic Oak 10mm D3788
    • Kronopol Marine - Baltic Oak 10mm D3787
    • Kronopol Marine - Pacific Oak 10mm D3280

8mm Thickness

  • Kronopol Exclusive v4 (AC4)
    • Kronopol Exclusive - Bilbao Oak 8mm D3796
    • Kronopol Exclusive - Catalan Oak 8mm D3790
    • Kronopol Exclusive - Malaga Oak 8mm D3795
    • Kronopol Exclusive - Santiago Ash 8mm D3791
    • Kronopol Exclusive - Vigo Oak 8mm D3797
  • Kronopol Luna v4 (AC4)
    • Kronopol Luna - Ferrara Oak 8mm D3034
    • Kronopol Luna - Garda Oak 8mm D3104
    • Kronopol Luna - Livorno Oak 8mm D3033
    • Kronopol Luna - Rimini Oak 8mm D3105
    • Kronopol Vision v4 (AC5)
      • Kronopol Vision - Cedars of Lebanon 8mm D3344
      • Kronopol Vision - Leonardo Oak 8mm D3347
      • Kronopol Vision - Platanus Impression 8mm D3334
      • Kronopol Vision - Rocky Oak D3343
      • Kronopol Vision - Walnut Art Nouveau 8mm D3333

        Kronopol is part of the Swiss Krono Group.